W.I.L.D wake intitiated lucid dream

Inspired by the plant revolution, and in particular the cities’s re-vegetalisation movement, this series was produced in the hanging vegetable gardens of urban agriculture’s pioneer - a high dive, a dizzying Alice jump into a burrow reverse.

Looking at what we usually call nature, how we transform it into and how it reacts, observing it in its development off-ground, I was caught up in this tiny and powerful pulsation under the surface of things. , this infra of reality which conceals, under its apparent fragility, an immeasurable force.

Both mutable and immutable.

Photographs of the vital in its raw state, the series deals with genesis and transition, looking at nature at work, its art, its strata.

These plant plots sometimes seem like so many vast landscapes, an etching where the eye circulates from one scale to another, and invite us to dive into the image, as abstract as it is organic.

The link between subject and photographic materiality - here the negative itself - is at the center of my approach and my experiments. The negative, a small shiny sheet, fragile, hollow, skin and flesh of the subject, is like the surface of a lake whose depth can both be seen in transparency and be reflected in it.

Created in urban farms in Paris and Aubervilliers, the abstract approach of this work questions our relationship with the living, the look following the strength of the lines created by this deterritorialized nature.

A nature which restores, from nothing or almost, a harmony.

W.I.L.D. is envisionned as a project with multiple supports and formats - transparency & reflections, screens; a variety that reflects the mutability of the subject.

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